adult child protection law

The right to protection of adults and children was completely revised by the 19 December 2008 Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2013.

The intervention of the Court for the protection of adults and children is very often requested, particularly in view of the ageing population and all their age-associated cognitive illnesses, or in cases of inappropriate behaviour by adults who put themselves or third parties at risk, sometimes due to psychiatric problems.

Furthermore, children have rights. They are increasingly aware of these. They may therefore also apply directly to the Child Protection Court for proceedings concerning their place of residence, their placement or, on the contrary, their return home.

Most protection mandates are automatically granted by the Tribunal for the Protection of Adults and Children, but they can also be given by private individuals.

Our firm is very active in the representation of adults and minors or their families in guardianship proceedings before the Court for the Protection of Adults and Children.

We defend and represent adults in proceedings for the prohibition or deprivation of freedom for the purpose of assistance.

We represent minors in proceedings between them and their parents, in open or closed custody proceedings.

We also represent members of separated, unmarried families in which the children's situation is adversely affected by dissension between the two parents.

The firm also plays a role in the defence of parents or children in adoption or foster care proceedings.

In the interests of our clients, whether adults or minors, we always favour amicable solutions and discussions with relatives and professional counsellors, in order to find the best health-related and legal solution for the person to be protected, as quickly as possible.