criminal law economic crimes and mutual legal assistance

Criminal law punishes acts that seriously violate the rules of behaviour that society has set itself. It covers almost all human and economic activities because, in addition to the Criminal Code itself, many federal and cantonal laws governing a particular area contain criminal provisions.

The Firm is able to provide legal support and defence for its clients faced with the consequences of crimes, offences and contraventions, whether they are victims of these or prosecuted for them by the criminal authorities.

In particular, our specialist lawyers have extensive experience of "white collar" crimes, which can take a wide variety of forms: dishonest fund managers or financial intermediaries, large-scale fraudulent financial arrangements, insider trading or other violations of financial market standards, money laundering, etc.

Such offences often have an international dimension, hence the frequent use of international mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (and extradition) by foreign authorities. In this context, the Firm is called upon to assist parties in these often lengthy and complex proceedings conducted in Switzerland by the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office or the cantonal prosecutors. These may also be directed abroad for the purposes of Swiss proceedings.

Unfair competition between companies is a related area of economic crimes. It straddles the boundaries between civil and criminal law and often calls for urgent action by the courts.

We also practice in the field of common criminal law, in connection with the Firm's other areas of business. The Firm's members also act in the defence of defendants as ex officio attorneys.