data protection

Data protection is an area of law that is becoming increasingly important in the daily lives of citizens and businesses. Not a day goes by without a controversy arising over the use of the personal data of users of a service being provided over the Internet, or if the same service is itself the victim of data theft by criminals or even aggressive competitors.

Our specialist lawyers can assist you if you are faced with a service provider who misuses your personal data or an employer who seeks to make excessive use of it, in particular to pursue its own interests, as was the case, for example, under pressure from the American authorities a few years ago.

The Firm also advises companies that are setting up the regulatory framework for processing the data of their customers and employees (privacy policy, data protection regulations).

Data protection also covers the theft of a company's sensitive data, which is not limited to personal data. In particular, business secrets, inventions or know-how may be the target of attacks. Our specialist lawyers will help you defend yourself against such attacks in the civil courts, e.g. by means of provisional measures, or before the criminal courts.




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