family law divorce

Family law, like the society we live in, is constantly evolving.

For lawyers practicing it, it has therefore become necessary today to specialise, in order to always be at the forefront of new legislative, jurisprudential and social developments.

According to statistics, we will soon reach the figure of one divorce for every two marriages in Geneva, which gives us an idea of the number of family separations and how important it is to seek advice very quickly, if possible even before any de facto separation, in order to consider all possible amicable solutions, such as couple or family therapy, or mediation or discussions between the parties or the parties' lawyers, with a view to concluding an agreement, whether judicial or not.

The Firm favours reasonable solutions, in the interest of all family members, with the least possible impact on the family's already undermined financial situation.

Hence, our family law lawyers take care of the entire process, from the preliminary phase to written agreements between the parties, and to the filing of protective measures for the conjugal union if no agreement can be reached, with possibly even provisional or super-provisional measures in case of emergency, such as violence or risk of kidnapping.

They specialise in divorce proceedings, in the context of an agreement or in the framework of a dispute over alimony, custody and visitation rights, the liquidation of marital assets and the division of pension schemes, in particular.

Our Firm also intervenes in the context of the modification or revision of divorce judgments.

The modification or liquidation of a matrimonial regime, even within the framework of a marriage, may also sometimes call for sound advice before any deeds are signed before a notary.

Part of our business is dedicated to the protection of children in the context of visitation rights, their representation during proceedings in the capacity of a guardian appointed by the court or by the child or his/her parents.

We are also qualified in the field of adoption and foster families, with the representation of parents or children in such proceedings or in appeals against decisions to be contested, in paternity or paternity denial proceedings.

In addition, in this context, we have experience with applications changes in names.

Our clients are men, women as well as minor children, domiciled in Geneva or in the canton of Vaud. The Firm assists also parties involved in a family dispute abroad that has effects in Switzerland, such as for example when assets subject to the liquidation of the matrimonial regime are located in Switzerland.

As explained above, we always prefer an amicable approach to dispute settlement and shall be at your disposal, because although many separations take place, each case is specific and different.