YEAR OF BAR EXAM 1984 (Geneva)
LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian, German

• Commercial law
• Contracts law
• Corporate law
• Estate planning
• Foreign nationals’ law
• Guardianship and curatorship law
• Inheritance law



After a training period at the Bernheim, Ming, Gouzer-Waechter & Halpérin law firm, she worked as an associate with Jean-Eric Combe and Christiane de Senarclens until 1994, when she started her own practice in partnership with Tania Lehmkuhl Ador. In 2002, after the latter's departure, she entered into partnership with Emmanuel Ducrest. They were joined in 2003 by Corinne Nerfin and Jacques Berta, as well as by Vincent Spira in 2008, followed in 2012 by Bernd Reinmüller and finally, in 2016, by Emmanuelle Guiguet.

She specializes in legal advice counsel, particularly in the field of commercial law, contracts law, companies law, management and estate planning as well as in inheritance law, labour law and curatorship law.

Along with her work as a lawyer, she is also extensively involved in the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), an NGO accredited in particular to the UN, the European Council and the International Criminal Court, which represents, through its collective and individual members, approximatively two millions lawyers all around the world.

She took up the post of the UIA’s Banking Law Commission President (1995-1998), was later the UIA Secretary General (1998-2003) and its 2004 Congress President. Elected as Vice President of this organization in 2014, she took up the presidency of it on 1st November 2016.

From 2007 to 2014, she was the Secretary General of the Magna Carta Foundation, a Swiss public interest foundation active in the field of the training and protection of lawyers and of the Human Rights.

Beyond being a member of the Union Internationale des Avocats, she is a member of various associations, including the Swiss Bar Association, the Geneva Bar and the Geneva Business Law Association.